Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Consultation Hours

9am-4pm Daily Mondays-Friday

There is a resident consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist on full time who
can be called in case of emergencies.

At Zankli Medical Centre every birth is special. Our goal is to make the experience
positive for the entire family. We offer special obstetric services from a variety of
antenatal classes to beautiful labour, delivery and recovery.

There are 2 cardiotocograms for foetal monitoring. A new born special care unit is
available for transition of newborn and emergency care of the infant.
We want to share in your happiness and give the entire family a wonderful start.

FAQ for Antenatal

1. What is Antenatal Care (ANC)?
Antenatal care (ANC) provides a regular monitoring and follow-up of the
mother and baby’s health during pregnancy. Women who attend ANC
mostly tend to have better delivery and birth outcomes.
It includes risk identification and screening, prevention and management of
pregnancy-related or concurrent diseases, and health education and
It is established that frequent medical care visits during the antenatal
period tends to decrease the risk of maternal and perinatal mortality.
2. When do I register for ANC?
ANC should be initiated within the first trimester of gestation with at least
four and optimally eight visits during the pregnancy. It is advised that
pregnant women initiate contact during the first 12 weeks of gestation,
with subsequent contacts taking place every 4 weeks till 28 weeks, then
fortnightly till 36 weeks and then weekly till delivery
3. Why choose Zankli Medical for my antenatal service?
Zankli Medical is the best place to have your ANC as we have seasoned
Obstetricians, Nurses and other health personnel with a wealth of
experience and professionalism in managing your pregnancy making it a
satisfying experience for the mother and baby. We also ensure the partners
We have an antenatal class were patients have a practice-based teachings;
health promotion and education; they also learn about post-delivery care.

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