The Pharmacy at Zankli Medical Center, like that other departments in the hospital committed to providing first-rate services to our Patients.

The Pharmacy is well stocked with only NAFDAC approved drugs. The drugs dispensed are of highest quality with the aim of giving our patients the best possible care at reliable prices.
With our team of competent Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who are available round the clock, patients are sure that they will receive adequate counselling on how to take their medications. Drug related questions will be answered.

Dirin ENT is run by Dr. Raymond Okujaiye. He graduated in June, 1968 from university of Ibadan Nigeria. He has been continuously involved since August, 1971, in the study and practice of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, both in Nigeria and Overseas.

From November, 1999 to April 2005, he was the Chief Consultant Surgeon and Head of ENT. Department National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria.

Presently he is the Consultant ENT. Surgeon, Diri ENT. Clinic Zankli Medical Centre Abuja, where he runs a full-time Out-patient and In-patient ENT. Services.

Include Haematology, Serology, Immunology, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology, TB Research Laboratory with a Bactec Culture Machine.

There is a full time consultant radiologist and three radiographers that work in close collaboration with primary care and specialty physicians to interpret imaging studies that will optimize patient care.

Emmanuel Eye Clinic

We run out patient and inpatient services, optical services, Ophthalmic services including Scans, Small incision Cataract Surgery.

We will be starting LASER therapy and Phaco surgery by the middle of the year.

There is a full time physiotherapist who can offer effective treatment in relief and prevention of musculoskeletal problems. An individualized and goal-oriented treatment plan is developed for and with the patient. An evaluation letter of findings and a treatment plan are provided to the referring doctor, along with periodic progress reports.

The physiotherapy unit is open daily from Monday to Friday and the following treatments are available.

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Exercise therapy
  • Health education
  • Movement therapy
  • Supportive therapy
  • Electrical Therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Consulting and weight reduction

  • Consultation Hours:
    8am-3pm Daily Mondays-Friday
    6pm-8pm Daily Monday-Friday

    There is a resident consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist on full time who can be called in case of emergencies.

    At Zankli Medical Centre every birth is special. Our goal is to make the experience positive for the entire family. We offer special obstetric services from a variety of antenatal classes to beautiful labour, delivery and recovery.

    There are 2 cardiotocograms for foetal monitoring. A new born special care unit is available for transition of newborn and emergency care of the infant.

    We want to share in your happiness and give the entire family a wonderful start.

    There are three full time consultants who ensure optimal outpatient and inpatient management of children with the assistance of medical officers.

    There is a wing in the hospital dedicated to paediatric care with a well equipped emergency paediatric unit.

    General outpatient clinics run every day of the week. Emergencies are attended to 24hrs a day.

    Consultant Physician’s Consulting Hours
    Mornings (Mondays-Friday)


    Subspecialties covered include:

  • Nephrology
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology

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